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Real Estate

Building a diversified real estate portfolio is a great way to accumulate wealth. We invest in Real estate because a Real estate investment portafolio offers many reasons to be a superior investment. For example, allocation of funds into physical properties, predictable cash flow, appreciates in value, can be leveraged, provides equity buildup, is improvable, coincides with retirement, is tax deductible, is depreciable, has a lower tax rate and gains are deferrable.


We provide financial services that build new revenue streams, decrease costs and increase customer loyalty without bearing the bank in case of a breakdown.

Stock Market Investment

A boutique style service for long-term Investment (stock recommendations), growing your wealth so you and your family can live a good life.

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Business efficiency

With our services focused on talent and strategy we are dedicated to supporting organizations in their processes and tools to make human talent a competitive differentiator

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Insurance and Warranty for new car owners

Designed to add added value to customers, promoting the sale of units by providing protection in the event of accidental breakdowns.

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We accomplish success

These are some of our highly valued accomplishments that have given us an identity of trust, value, authority and leadership.

Expanding human values beyond business, with trust

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“In the post-Covid economy, the main challenge will be to stay innovative and adaptive, as the continuous competitive pressures demand strategic agility from business organizations and offers. Value-driven innovation must be a standard practice. BGL Holding is a business-value platform whose focus is in the production of real, tangible value.”
Eduardo Danilo Ruiz, Business Designer
“I identify a lot with the projects of BGL Holding because their projects are unique, they are not commonly seen, because they generate new opportunities and are profitable with a value and utility above the market."
"BGL Holding works with high quality and transparent providers which has helped to their clients to provide a service with the highest standars and satisfaction"
Jonathan Tamayo, Socio Tamayo Enterprises
“The experience with our Commercial Partner FBF has always been satisfactory, with an excellent relationship, which has grown year after year. Together we have achieved growth in our client portfolios, with which we envision the union of both companies in the long term. "
Carlos Alberto Oranday, Chubb Insurance (ABA)